Use phpMyAdmin to connect to external database



Can I use Dreamhost’s installation of phpMyAdmin to connect to a database that is not hosted by Dreamhost?


Providing the database host allows external connections, I don’t see there being a problem - i’ve done it in the past, although can’t remember if i was with Dreamhost at the time.

If you’re already a DH customer, install it and give it a go, there’s no harm.

Hopefully someone can give a more conclusive answer. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your reply. I guess what I’m asking is whether I can use the phpMyAdmin instance that is already installed on my Dreamhost account to connect to an external database host.

Specifically, can I go to, hosted at Dreamhost, log in, and from phpMyAdmin connect to a different SQL host (not hosted at Dreamhost)?

I’m trying to avoid having to install phpMyAdmin myself (I’m lazy!)

Thanks for any ideas.


Short answer, no.

There may be a long winded way of going about it with DH support, but all the config is set up automatically via scripts that the panel calls when you create your db host - and as all db hosts on your account are interchangable, i can’t see how it could be handled otherwise.

I would actually say it’s quicker to just set up a new instance yourself and stop being so lazy :wink: .

Really though - phpMyAdmin is a doddle to set up - in fact, it’s no more work than it’d be to reconfigure an existing install.


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