Use php to call remote pages?

I am trying to use a new audioblog service with my Wordpress blog and the plugin needs to call remote pages via php. The error I’m getting is:

[quote]Warning: file(): URL file-access is disabled in the server
configuration in /home/.ignatius/sdimbert/
wordpress/wp-content/plugins/phoneblogz/phoneblogz.php on line 54

Warning: file(
2Fphoneblogz/checkmessages.php): failed to open stream: no
suitable wrapper could be found in /home/.ignatius/sdimbert/
phoneblogz.php on line 54
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The plugin author says, “It looks like your ISP has disabled the ability for PHP to call remote pages - this is a problem as the plugin needs to call a remote page on to retrieve the post information. You may want to talk to your ISP to see if they can enable it again, or at least to”

Any idea what I can do to get it to work?

Most forum software packages have search facilities built-in to their applications. This one is no exception. A quick search of “URL file access” will yield numerous results that will be of help to you. Eventually, you will probably wind up going here.

Simon Jessey
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Thanks for the link to the WIKI. I had the same problem, wanting to use absolute URL’s in my includes. I could have gone the relative route but I have files in different directories on different levels. So, option 3 worked best for me.

Thanks again.