Use old directory with new hosted domain

I have subdomain fully hosted under the same name directory.

Now I have bought new domain

I want to finish the subdomain and use that directory (or move the whole site a new directory) with

Further more I also have MySQL database under, how can change that. " I not sure if I have back up the database and then restore it to the new hostname?"

Could you please point me in the right direction.

PS: I have pligg installed on this directory.


When you add the domain you can choose the directory it points to. Failing that just rename the directory to

For the database you can actually use any mysql host you have set up. If you added you could actually connect via either hostname if you want. In other words as long as you keep the old domain it doesn’t matter.

I’ve never changed the domain pligg uses but you may have to change the domain name in the config file. A lot of problems with pligg when making changes can be solved by deleteing the files in the cache folder templates_c.

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