Use MSN behind firewall at work

Hello everybody, I guess if there is something I can do to use Microsoft messenger at work, installed on my DH webserver.

Apache Proxy.
PHP Script.

It has to be some kind of server translation done at the server.

I am sure somebody has done this so… please heeeeeeeeeeeeelp

The usual advice is that if a service is blocked at your workplace, it’s a bad idea to try to circumvent their block. They clearly don’t want you using this service while you’re on the job.


OMG! what an answer!!!
unless is my father whose nick is sdayman and works for DH I can belive it was sent.

But sure that answer will stop helpful answers.

That is the right and helpful answer.

I’ve blocked MSN in my company before because the person just uses MSN too much. If MSN is blocked and you try to enable it, your manager will know for sure and you will know what your manager is thinking.

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Wow, is this some kind of opusdei or missionary forum.
Thanks for not making me falling in sin.

Will I loose my DH rights for asking this terrible question?

No, your DH rights will remain as tight as ever.