Use gmail for domain with existing google account?

i’d like to try using gmail for my domain but i want to make sure i set it up in the best way possible.

when i click the “register at google apps for your domain” link it brings me to step 3 and wants me to create my first administrator account. is it possible to use my existing google account that i use for google reader and calendar? i noticed there’s an after the username, and my google account isn’t

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You could create an admin@track7 account and have all email forwarded to your current Gmail account (or vice versa of course). I know this isn’t exactly what you want, but it’s about as close as you can get, unless someone knows a trick that can merge the 2 Gmail accounts somehow.

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actually my current gmail account already forwards to a track7 address – i never actually use gmail.

i do use google reader though, and what i’m really looking to do is to not get logged out of google reader whenever i want to log in to manage track7 e-mail addresses.

maybe i could export my feed list and calendars, then re-create them under my domain account at google?

track7 - my dream-hosted site

Not possible as yet.

I’ve been looking for Google Reader to be incorporated into Google Apps for awhile now. I have to use an "" log-in for Google Reader.

However, having Google host my domain e-mail is worth that aggravation.

It should also be noted that some have said (and I have NOT tested) you can create feed modules in your start page.