Use External Style Sheets and Take Advantage of th

One way to handle the bugs and omissions existing in different browsers is to put all Flash Web Design Company standards-compliant CSS code in a separate (external) style sheet file that is loaded by every browser.

Then, when you find that a specific browser requires a workaround, use the methods listed below to load an additional style sheet designed specifically for that particular browser. The beauty of CSS is that you can redefine a different style for the same selector and have the last-defined style override all preceding definitions.

Placing your main standards-compliant style sheet and the browser-specific style sheets in different external files allow you to simply remove a particular file in the future should that version of the browser cease to be used.

Even when you have validated your CSS code, you should still test your code manually using different browsers. There is no substitute for this: just because your code is standards-compliant does not mean that the browser will render it the way you want it to (or even correctly for that matter).

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