Usage question

I’m not a developer, but am trying to make my wordpress installs work. I migrated to a VPS last Friday because my wordpress admin panels were laboring to load pages (503 errors all over the place).

Can you help me interpret the usage graph above? It goes from steady to all kinds of up and down yesterday. In the wee hours this morning I got a Dreamhost robot message telling me the VPS had to be restarted.

Help with what my next steps should be to figure this out?


FWIW, I am getting the same type of chart. And, typically, some weird spike I can’t figure out that causes the VPS stability robot to send me an email (which needs to be rewritten).

good luck…
they switched the panel interface about a month ago, and it’s TERRIBLE!
they bill your usage for the combined total of “actual” ram usage and “cached” ram usage, however the new graphs only show ACTUAL usage, so you have no idea what you are really using. they also took away the ability to see more than a weeks worth of history, which is equally as frustrating!

what you are seeing is the actual usage for about the last 24 hours from what I can determine and the daily “average” for the last 6 days before that. not particularly helpful.

bug chat support, they can pull up some of your actual number totals.
maybe if enough of us bug them enough to be a pain they’ll fix it?!
I’ve been bugging support regularly, and all I get is “they are working on updating the the panel again”…so they know it sux, they’re just not helpful about it!

sorry…rant over…

Maybe they’re working on it in the background. :wink:

What we do know is that it sucks, and that the old system was far better. FWIW, the best way to notify them about these issues seems to be Twitter. They respond pretty quickly there.

I’m going along with it for now…
it’s frustrating, but they are still the best host out there…
and NO ONE comes close on the cost… at least not that I have found.

Just wish that they would start passing on that 1GB for $15 that they said is coming with the VPS upgrades… Then I wouldn’t mind so much.
speaking of that…
just logged in and the graphs are totally different…
and even less helpful if that’s possible!

The phasing of that sentence is confusing to me. But the new VPS’s are available. You old one won’t be upgraded automatically tho, you need to create a new one, move your sites to it, and then delete tho old. That is currently covered in several recent threads.

I may have misunderstood something, but I thought the lower RAM pricing was eventually going to be passing on to the old users also…but maybe not…
I would love to switch to the SSD drives, but I currently have 130GB on my sites, and it goes up… can’t really afford to switch right now. I am going to relook at our site usage policies for our customers and see if I can get the amount of data down, but stuck for now…

see this thread.