.US registration question


Hey guys. I’ve been a customer for over two years now. I’m wondering if any of you have gotten word out of support about whether dreamhost will ever support .US registrations. I have all but one registration with dreamhost; the limitation being their lack of .US support. I’ve voted for the .US recommendation in the support panel, but that suggestion is really old. Any news?


We’re all just customers here, so if you want some sort of official response, you’ll have to contact Support.

That being said, I wouldn’t count on it. Being a registrar isn’t their main business, and the .us setup may not make sense for them to jump into. For one, .us domains can’t use proxy registration, which may make it unappealing for them to support.

Like you, I have some .us domains, but not registered here, even though I’d like to.



I’m in the same boat, but I cannot see it ever happening because of the unreasonable restrictions put on the registrars and holders of .us domains.

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