US-East 1 End of Life - January 16th, 2017

On Monday, January 16th, 2017 we will be shutting down the original DreamCompute beta cluster, US-East 1.

The original beta cluster cannot be upgraded because of it’s no-longer-supported virtual networking infrastructure.

Our newest cluster, US-East 2, includes many improvements over the beta cluster. It is twice as fast with speedy Intel processors and all-SSD redundant storage. All servers also include public IPv4 addresses by default so it’s easier to use with third-party tools like Ansible.

As we shut down US-East 1, we’ll also be retiring all pre-paid beta plans. Every DreamCompute user will transition to predictable billing so that you’ll only pay for what you use. That does mean that most users will see a change in their bills. To make the transition a little easier, once you activate US-East 2 on your account, you’ll no longer be billed for usage in US-East 1.

If you would like to continue using your instances and volumes, you will need to move them to US-East 2. Our Knowledge Base has instructions for moving instances and volumes, and you can always contact our tech support team for help with moving your data too.

If you haven’t yet activated US-East 2, you can do so in the DreamHost Control Panel.