.us domain mirroring


I am trying to setup a .us domain using the mirroring as per your article below:

e.g. I already am hosting the domain some place else e.g. xyz.us

The domain xyz.us is the domain I signed up with today morning.

I went to the Add Domain / Sub Domain section in CPanel and tried to setup a mirror for xyz.dreamhoster.com.

But what the screen does is it fills xyz.dreamhoster.com in all the text fields on that page and then errors out saying the domain dreamhoster.com is already taken etc…

I signed up for hosting with DH just a few hrs back if it matters. And the domain is a .us domain and NOT a .com if it matters.

Can you let me know…


try a different dreamhosters sub-domain name. This is a guess, reading your wording carefully it’s telling you dreamhosters.com is already taken but I suspect it means the subdomain is. That’s a huge shared domainname, so try something like xyzus23.dreamhosters.com

Thanks for the suggestion. But it didnt work.

The page is complaining with a clear message that the base domain dreamhoster.com is already taken. Surprisingly, the same process worked fine when I did it for a .com domain through a different account I own with DH.

DH, Can you guys help pls…

Best way to get help from support is to open a ticket via the panel. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&