URL's and XODA

So i installed XODA and it seems really good for what I’m trying to use it for, but I’ve come across a bit of a problem that’s beyond what i understand about code.

When a User logs in, they are able to upload documents, and put them in a public folder, which people can access without logging in. however, if you were to link that to someone else, the direct URL would come up as something like this:

(its in the hosted/public directory, and is called advise.png
and the actual URL is “/hosted/Public/advise.png”)

but when a non-logged in user views the linked URL, it 404’s.

Might be confusing, it’s hard to explain. Nutshell Version:
if a public person copies the link from the public folder of XODA, and gives it to a person who is not logged in, it works
if a user, or public try to share links, it displays 404.

what causes this? why doesn’t it just use natural URL’s?