Newby here. Been fighting with this computer all day trying to upload my information for website. Now when I go tot he “visit” button under manage domain it comes up with the error code “404 Not Found”. Helpppp

That should be a wait and it will fix itself in around 4 hours thing…

Whats happening is the dreamhost panel sets up all of your DNS entries automatically and invisibly for you (in this case invisibly means you may not realize that it’s happening behind the scenes). DNS takes time to “propagate” tho. Dreamhost sets TTL (Time To Live) at 4 hours, meaning anytime a DNS change occurs it will take zero to 4 hours to propagate back to you. Not everyone on the planet will see the change at the same time either.

You can use the website https://www.whatsmydns.net/ to watch the propagation progress. Note tho, not every DNS server on the planet is represented, and the DNS server your home or local connection is using may or may not be actually close to you.

You should wait a moment to see what happen. You can verify if there are errors with the google cache.