Hey everyone,

I just registered an account today and used a subdomain of eneries.dreamhosters.com a few hours ago. As detailed in the knowledge base and forums, I setup this subdomain to mirror my actual domain, eneries.com. However, my domain, which is registered elsewhere, requires url forwarding (or allows only url forwarding or something) and the only url I can find in the knowledge base for a site here at dreamhost is the mirrored subdomain.

This seems like a strange infinite loop and I’m not quite sure where it begins or ends. Needless to say, I haven’t actually been able to preview my site all day. Can you please shed some light on how to properly configure things? Thanks, much appreciated!


It looks like your site is working.

I get a directory listing with one folder called “web” in it. I can drill down and even check out your resume.

Perhaps dns propogation hasn’t reached your location yet? I’m in LA. Pretty darn close to DH HQ.

Hey Petey, thanks for the fast reply. Glad to know it’s actually working. I was getting doubtful since it had already been a few hours and that possible infinite loop was throwing me for a turn. Thanks again.