URL shortener with updatable destinations?



I produce a printed documentation set that includes links to destinations I do not control. Over time, people move or rename stuff and my links break. Instead of using fragile, static URLs, I would like to be able to provide:
[]shortened URLs that
]use my own domain (not a service elsewhere), and that
[*]allow me to change destination URLs later, if necessary.
Has anyone seen or implemented such software?



The simplest thing that could possibly work: you could do the whole thing with a simple .htaccess file. You might want to write a short cronjob to periodically scan the links to make sure they work and if not, send a notice to you for updating.


you should try and use yourls, lets you edit the link, keep track of hits and can be hosted on your own domain, just make sure not to make it add www or remove it. Use “leave as is” for the better experience.


I’ll check it out. Since my OP, I’ve been experimenting with Joomla’s built-in redirect functionality. DreamHost thoughtfully upgraded my Joomla installation without asking, breaking my links and humiliating me during a presentation at work. So I’m pretty far from sold on it.


I second YOURLS. It’s a great little app, very easy to set up and use (esp. if you’re used to manually installing WP). All you need is your own short URL (and Namecheap is having a sale on .in tld, I believe – $2.99 if that suits you).