URL once domain has been transferred?


I’ve moved one of my domains away from Dreamhost. What URL do I need to use to be able to access the files on Dreamhost now that the DNS has updated? I presumed it was something like…


but that doesn’t seem to work. Any help appreciated.



You should probably try ftp://server.dreamhost.com so you can access your files. Then just type in your FTP username/password.

Thanks for the reply jprater. I should have worded my post a bit better!

I know that I have access to my files via FTP, but I want to be able to access the files through a Web Browser. Obviously before I just typed http://www.[domain].com, but since this domain has moved on, isn’t there any other way I can access these files via HTTP?



You can create a dreamhosters domain that’s a mirror of your existing old domain (if you haven’t deleted your domains from the Manage Domains section).