Url mirror to secure site error


I set up http://grantputnamoutdoors.com in Joomla 1.5.14 fully hosted by Dreamhost and I have a secure server with a professionally signed certificate for https://grantputnamoutdoors.com

I then set up another url http://grantsoutdooradventures.com and mirrored it to the first site.

A client brought to my attention that when he went to grantsoutdooradventures.com and clicked on Reservation he got a security error.

So I figured that I need a secure certificate for the grantsoutdooradventures site too…which I got right away.

Now when I type in http://grantsoutdooradventures.com I’m sent to


and when I click on the first link, http://grantsoutdooradventures.com it takes me to the site but I still get a security error when I click on Reservation.

Any idea what I’ve done?

Thank you,