URL forwarding


Hi, Just signed up to dreamhost
I already have a domain name with another company and just want to forward it to look at my dreamhost account.
I can’t figure out what the actual url would be to forward it to though.
Thanks to any help


One option would be to create a sub-domain of dreamhosters.com and forward your domain to that.

For example: mydomain.dreamhosters.com

Another option would be to configure the domain DNS records to point to the dreamhost DNS servers (ns1.dreamhost.com etc.), then add the domain as a fully hosted domain in the Web Admin Panel.


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If it’s a domain you own, the most sensible thing to do would be to use the Dreamhost DNS servers as noted above. Then you can use the “Add Domain” feature in the Dreamhost panel so that the domain would be fully hosted on Dreamhost. It is not necessary to switch the domain registrar to Dreamhost; you can continue to maintain the domain registration elsewhere, which is a completely different function from domain hosting / DNS.

– Dan