URL Forwarding vs DNS pointing

Hi, everybody.

I have a question regarding URL forwarding and DNS pointing.
What is the difference ? or Which one is better ? With is the effect on both ? is there compromises in speed ? What happens to the address bar in each case ?

I have a bunch of domains I previous had from GoDaddy and I want to link them to my hosting site in Dreamhost. I don’t know the difference between URL forwarding and DNS pointing. I would prefer the GoDaddy domains be displayed instead of the my hosted Dreamhost domain. But there is a draw back in doing I am very willing reconsider.

Thank you for your help in advance.


URL forwarding will change the URL in the address bar. DNS pointing uses the right name for the right place, so the URL stays the same.

Forwarding: Typing exampel.com renames and sends you to example.com
Pointing: Typing in example.com sends you to example.com

I had most of my domains registered at GoDaddy, but host them here. Now I just have them registered them here as well. Set GoDaddy to use the DreamHost name servers for these domains.