URL file-access is disabled

I custom installed PHP5.2.2 and set the allow_url_include to On.
However I am still getting this error message

“main() [function.main]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration”

you can take a look at my phpinfo() at

Appreciate any help or pointers in the right direction.


According to the phpinfo() output, url file-access is indeed “on” - that is strange to be sure.

Can you provide a link to a page that generates the error?Is it at all possible that your code that is generating the error is not running that custom PHP-CGI?

Other than that, I’m at a loss at the moment as to why this is happening.


You can take a look at the following page that generates the error

I think the page should be running the custom php, how should i check that out ?

Appreciate your help.


It certainly does look like is should be running the custom installation of PHP5 but I’ thinking your url handling might be the problem (as you are not using “.php” file type).

Because of this, I suggest a little debugging test: add a “phpinfo();” output into that page immediately before you call the problem function, and see what it says- I’m betting you well see that that file is not being served by your custom PHP, because the handler is not handling the filename as expected.


Hi parker,
Thanks a lot for the input url handling was the problem i changed the index page to index110207.php and it works ok however there is now some mysql error.
Which I will work on later today.

Thanks again,

Yeah … I thought that might be it; I’m glad you got it sorted out, and good luck debugging your MySQL. :slight_smile: