URL collapse

Hi all.
I start off by saying that I am not that internet/network savvy, hence my post on this beginner forum.

My URL collapsed, and I have no idea what could have happened.
At www.weedyconnection.com I have a splash-page and a number of sub-pages including an extensive database.
I also have a wordpress.org blog (weedyconnection.com/blog)
which is now giving me a 404 error.

Asking to my peers I checked the bandwith limits (all ok) and the host bills (also Ok). the domain name registration is up to date too.

I have tried to upload a new index via Filezilla Sftp but it makes no change and I only get the Dreamhost page “weedyconnection.com Coming Soon!
The DreamHost customer who owns weedyconnection.com has not yet uploaded their website or has chosen to leave this holding page active.”

Any leads? what should I check?

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

Make sure you’re uploading to the correct user which is listed to the right of the domain.