Url argument problem in php

I guess I have forgotten how to do this in php. I am trying to pass a “year” argument in with the url, but also specify a font.

[php]$title = $c->addTitle('Chinook counts at Lyle Falls Trap for ’ . $_GET[“year”] . , “timesbi.ttf”);[/php]

gives a complaint about a comma. I guess it’s the comma between . and “timesbi.ttf”

I’m trying switching my single quotes and double quotes, but all I have managed to do with random tries is to include timesbi.tff on the end of $title, or put the rest of the script inside quotes.

$title = $c->addTitle('Chinook counts at Lyle Falls Trap for ' . $_GET["year"] . , "timesbi.ttf"); 

You’ve got an extra “.” operator here. Remove it.

I was going to answer my own question, but you beat me to it.