URGENTLY need to contact dreamhost support


I need to urgently need to contact dreamhost support. A blog for our company is hosted on your server, and we need to change the logo by tomorrow (FRI, 20th of Sept 2013) morning.

As this has been set up some time ago, the person who has set up the account with you cannot be located anymore in our company.

The blog hosted is:

Please can you please contact me on nik.crosina@sealedair.com and cc my colleague teri.meves@sealedair.com with the URGENT process of gaining access to this account.

Thank you for your reply at the earliest.

Nik Crosina

If you don’t have panel access to contact support you can use this contact form http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/ and pick the lost password option.

the thing is that we do not know who the person was that dealt with this account.
so I need to speak to someone at Dreamhost who can verify me in some way to give me access to the account. there is no phonne number on the site to call,
not sure why (i can imagine that they do not want to give the phone support), but it is frustrating for me at the moment

if you are dreamhost staff please contact me on nik.crosina@sealedair.com

You need to start with the link I gave you above. You won’t be the first person they have dealt with your situation. For security reasons tho, you are going to have to go thru the designated process, after all you wouldn’t want me (or someone else) to be able to write a forum post to get changes made on your site? Follow protocol, use the link I gave you, and pick lost password.

Hi Nik,

Thank you for contacting us for support! If you need help accessing an account please contact our Security team here http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/ .

They are the first point of contact for all abuse or security related matter and they will help get you access to your account. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff