URGENTLY NEED SUPPORT - Site Down For Over 12 Hours

Where are the admins in Dreamhost? I upgraded my dedicated server to better handle my site. Turns out when there was a problem with the move from the old dedicated server to the new dedicated one, no one knew about it until I contacted Dreamhost live support for another issue. So I authorize the move back to the old dedicated server. I have been a loyal user of Dreamhost’s services for 4 years, and when an issue this big occurs, the live chat is not available, and my support tickets are not being responded to.

Now I am receiving this error:

Warning: require(/home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/index.php on line 6

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear’) in /home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/index.php on line 6

I am losing revenue every minute and it has been over 10 hours and still no reply from support. What is going on?

I believe in Dreamhost because you guarantee 100% site uptime. But is not the case now. I have been suffering time outs at the same time of day everyday for the past 4 months. This is an urgent priority.

Below are my support ticket numbers which have not gotten a reply till now:

Open Tickets

ID Age
#7645524 46 mins 45 secs Withdraw
#7645519 53 mins 47 secs Withdraw
#7645501 1 hour 46 mins Withdraw
#7644416 18 hours 19 mins Withdraw

Further more, I spoke to another Dreamhost live support staff this afternoon and she not only brushed me off, she kicked me from the live support chat. This is an issue with increasing frustrations from me. Please resolve this issue for me ASAP.

Both my servers are dedicated
Edit: Attached chat transcript showing that I would be updated and that any issues pertaining to the move would be solved as soon as they pop up. However, 11 hours after the chat and still the problem is not resolved. I was not even updated that an error had occurred.

i Seah: Can I have confirmation one last time that the site problems will be resolved in the upcoming hour - hour and a half, as well as the new server charges will not apply?
(08:42:10) MikeG: Yes I have been told that it should be resolved in an hour but giving it a little extra time just in case. Once it is back on the old server and your DNS goes back to using the old server the site will work as it did before.
(08:42:33) Seah: How long will it take for the DNS to go back to using the old server?
(08:44:49) MikeG: About 2-3 hours at the very least.
(08:45:00) Seah: So in total, my wait time is?
(08:45:47) MikeG: About 3-4 hours
(08:46:16) Seah: OK.
(08:48:11) Seah: I want a guarantee that when I wake up from my sleep. The site will be up and running, no additional issues
(08:49:41) MikeG: Assuming we do not run into any issues along the way your site should be back up and running by then.
(08:50:49) Seah: Can you make sure that there will be no issues? Dreamhost offered an upgrade service within a few clicks, and now it’s going to take me at least 6 hours to have a functioning site?
(08:52:14) MikeG: Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to prevent issues, but if we run into any we will be sure to let you know if there is anything that would cause any issue to the site being online.
(08:52:51) Seah: I don’t want to just be notified. I want the issues (should they occur) to be fixed the moment they pop up. Can you guarantee that for me?
(08:53:08) Seah: And keep me updated via email: macseah@gmail.com
(08:53:18) MikeG: Yes they will be.
(08:54:03) MikeG: If you want to be updated send an e-mail like I mentioned to me at micki@dreamhost.com and I will keep you updated.
(08:54:19) Seah: Let me do it now
(08:58:15) Seah: Sent an email to you. Please check and get me updated during this whole process/
(09:00:57) MikeG: I received the e-mail I will be sure to update you when ever admins update me on the process.
(09:01:07) Seah: Thank you Mike[/i]

The level of service that Dreamhost is providing has been slipping. I was a satisfied customer 4 years ago, and I can no longer say the same. I have no qualms uploading my chat transcript to social media to show how sorely lacking the support is.
I have been waiting with more than 12 hours of down time, been kicked out of the live chat, and my support tickets are not being responded to. Where is the service that you promise your users? After 4 years, this has been the most disappointing 6 months with Dreamhost.

My revenue lost is by the hour, and it is absolutely disturbing that this is not a priority for you. Basically, I’m facing a crisis here and I have no one to turn to, as the ones who are supposed to be providing support are turning their backs on me. What is going on Dreamhost? Do you no longer care about your users?

Dreamhost, I have still not received a reply from you. It has been more than 12 hours since my site went down, and there is no solution in sight from you.

I just checked my FTP and received multiple 550 error, unable to retrieve directory or files. This obviously means that my migration was a failure while your staff claimed to have successfully done so more than 10 plus hours ago, and not a success as you emailed me with.

Heather(Chat support staff) told me your support admin work around the clock before refusing to look into it and kicked me out of the support chat Where are the admins?

Hi undertable99,

I’m not really familiar with DreamHost dedicated servers. I assume you have access to both servers.

Could you post the current file permission on these files?


I Thank you for replying despite you are not the staff. I very much appreciate that and below are the permission. The thing is it is bug with Response: 550 library: No such file or directory
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I am totally unable to do anything to it. It seems to only affect my xenforo forum, other websites are fine.

/home/undertable99/ Chmod 755
/home/undertable99/undertable.org Chmod 755
/home/undertable99/undertable.org/f Chmod 755
/home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/library Chmod 700


Response: 550 library: No such file or directory
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing


Response: 550 library: No such file or directory
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

[/home/undertable99/undertable.org/f/library Chmod 700]

The permission on this directory only allows the owner to read and list the files in the directory.

If you are running the site under apache user, please try to chmod to 755 so that apache is able to list the directory and read the file

The site seems to be running now so I assume that DreamHost tech support took care of it.

This is the sort of issue that couldn’t be solved without a DreamHost technician looking into the issue. Sometimes permission problems are due to a broken filesystem, cannot be solved with a chmod.

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