Urgent: site unaccessible!


7 hrs ago www.quickseorankings.com was running smoothly, but when I check it today, its not loading anything! Can you please DREAMHOST SUPPORT Group explain to me WTH is going on with my site? My Friend’s site is working fine, he’s with dreamhost. I can’t afford to have 404s hitting my GWMT!!!

P.S I reuploaded my wordpress backup today, it didn’t work. So it means, its a SERVER SIDE problem?!


Seems to be working for me, as of now.

To get an answer from support, you would need to open a ticket via the panel. Given the nature of your site, I’m sure having the link posted here is more important to you than getting an answer from support.


Thanks. Actually, its working now. I guess they’ve checked it or something… Thanks @LukeRat