URGENT: Screwed My Blog!

Hello everyone,

I need some help, since I think I’ve messed up my wordpress blog.

I’ve added some script files to the blog root directory instead of creating a new folder for it.

These new files also include index.php named files as well as other files with common names as of the original existing wordpress files…

As a result, the main page of my blog disappeared and lost the index.php as well as the .htaccess, because the script also has its own .htaccess file which overwrote the existing one.

I tried the rewind feature (restore) and tried to call any backup available… the restore failed and I’ve been notified about that by email.

I contacted support and they told me that I won’t lose the posts, but only the index.php and .htaccess, since the posts are stored in the database.

They said I can find index.php / .htaccess files of a new installation and copy them there.

HOWEVER, I don’t care about blog posts, since I don’t have them… it is a new blog… only the theme and sidebars are there, but I don’t care about them either.

I care about what I had in the .htaccess file as well as any other default wordpress files like the index.php… I know for a fact that I added lots of stuff to my .htaccess file, and a default one won’t be helpful.

I’d appreciate any help. Even if I only had to find a new installation files… may you point me to where I should download them?


If you’ve had your blog for a while and used the One-Click update feature, you’ll have a .old directory in parallel with your example.com directory.

You can also install wordpress in a subdomain, like beta.example.com and snag the index.php file from there.

You can regenerate the .htaccess file by going to wp-admin and under Settings -> Permalinks, set it to whatever one you use. then click Save Settings.


Thanks! I just solved the problem!