Urgent question

I want to switch my web hosting company and go with DreamHost, but before I do, I have to know: do they do monthly payments, or is it only the yearly payments?

they do have monthly but it’s more expensive. For the annual plan the one time set up fee ($49.00) is waived and the monthly fee is lower. Additionally if your a new customer there are alot of first year deals out there that even save you more. Hard to mention them here tho since they are not all available in all regions of the world. Go to dreamhost.com and look around, sometimes a deal will pop up in a lightbox, other times you have to just look carefully.

If you are looking for extremely low costs for a small site, and are competent enough to set up your site by yourself through ssh, the nearlyfreespeech.net offers very good value for money. If your site has more than a few hundred MB of related files, though, shared hosting such as DreamHost becomes the cheaper option.