Urgent: need info about Apache/PHP on Dreamhost

I need to make a decision quite soon about which hosting provider to go with. I’m still waiting to hear from the DreamHost sales person (who, I suspect, may not be capable of answering my question). Here is the question:

I need to run PHP as an Apache module, not as CGI. However, the Apache PHP module running on Dreamhost does not have all the extensions I need (in particular, xslt and openssl on PHP4, and xsl, openssl, and soap on PHP5).

Is there a way for me to add the extensions I want and still run PHP as an Apache module?



I can’t say for sure myself.

Look back to the other thread you posted. Dallas responded and is an owner/honcho of some form. 'Try sending him a private message and perhaps he may shead some light.

'Good luck.

(They do have a money-back guarentee, so there’s always that route).

Good luck,

Ok. I sent Dallas a private message. Really, I’d rather not sign-up and then get my money back. That’s just a waste of Dreamhost resources and my time as well.



If you run PHP as an Apache module you can only use the extensions we have chosen to provide. We do add additional modules upon request sometimes, but it’s not anything we can guarantee.

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Ok. Thanks.