URGENT: Need Help with Upgrading to VPS!

Hello everyone,

I need help with upgrading to VPS.

I need to do it because I’m exceeding the shared server’s limit … my sites are almost always down most of the time and it’s driving me crazy!

Thing is, I haven’t done it before and I’ve been told that there are various settings that I need to take care of and that I may screw something if I do it alone.

I just need to do a successful transfer to VPS and allocate appropriate bandwidth or whatever values for my sites, along with the other necessary settings.

I need an EXPERIENCED member to either do it for me the first time, or walk me through it LIVE so that I don’t screw up anything.

I’ll provide payment. If anyone is interested, plz drop me an email at:

or reply back to this thread.


Have you read the wiki article?


Hello Scott,

thanks for the link.

I have two questions though:

No. 6 says:

“Using RSYNC, you’ll need to copy all the files for your domain over to the new user on the PS, under that domain’s Web Directory. Move a domain to PS”

will all the files be listed and I just need to check “tick” them all, or is it a manual move file 1, then go back and choose file 2 to move it…etc.

Also, regarding the Apache management/configuration… is it necessary after upgrading?


I don’t use Dreamhost PS, so I don’t know about the Apache config.

Rsync isn’t that straightforward. It’s a command line utility that will mirror your old site to your new site:

Or you can just re-upload all of it from your home computer.


Who told you that you’d need to take care of “various settings”? Did they say what the “various settings” are?

DreamHost should move your files from shared to VPS for you.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

@Scott, so is it required? the Apache configuration after upgrading? or is it only an option?

@sXi… someone told me that there are literally hundreds of diff settings that I don’t get support with and which I need to do on my own.

Also the last email from Joel at dreamhost said the following:

"It looks like your sites are routinely getting hit by our process monitor due to your user exceeding its allowed memory level on our shared server due to the large number of sites you have as well.

Moving to a PS where you can allocate as much memory as your sites need is probably the best way to get good performance – just be prepared to do some tweaking and optimizing.

You might also want to look into switching to using Nginx rather than Apache on your PS as well as that will likely save you a lot of memory (and thus money).

Nginx requires a bit more configuration than Apache though."

What Joel told you is perfectly correct. If you change from Apache to Nginx then you will need to do a lot of configuration work.

If you stick with Apache at the outset (which is the default) you shouldn’t need to configure anything unless the current working environment has previously been customised in some manner by either yourself or another person. Did this “someone” give you any more information regarding the supposedly hundreds of unsupported settings?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost


“Did this “someone” give you any more information regarding the supposedly hundreds of unsupported settings?”

No. He only told me that if I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll regret it and it will confuse me. That there are hundreds of settings…

I don’t wanna fall into that situation. Anyway, I’ll follow the steps outlined here:

But I really hope there is nothing left out and that I won’t mess anything up during the process.

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