[URGENT] invalid login email and lost password

Hello. I tried to contact dreamhost at support@dreamhost.com but I receive a reply saying that I need to login to the webpanel to submit a trouble ticket. The situation is that I nolonger have access to the login email that I use with my dreamhost account and I lost the password too. :frowning:

I don’t know what to do.

Hope this will be resolved soon.

Thank you.

I don’t think DH will automatically solve your problem because your login ID is lost in the system.

I’ll suggest you to send them another ticket via http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi Stress your problem that you lost the login ID. You can’t even log into the panel. I’ll also suggest you to forward your particulars so that it is easy for dreamhost to trace your record.

other than this, what to do :frowning:

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Thanks for that. It is bad that they accept support tickets only by login in to webpanel. It has to be a way around in extreme cases like mine. I just don’t know what else to so. I do not trust their contact form other than the webpanel ticket submissions. I am not sure If they will reply to me at all. :frowning:

That’s a rough situation, but you have to understand DH’s position - they are not going to make it easy to obtain credentials in such a situation, as it would be too easy to facilitate a “social engineering” hack if they casually replaced credentials.

Have you availed yourself of the "forgot your password" link on the panel login page?

That should allow you to get login help so you can get to the panel…from there all your other passwords/users are displayable.

edit: I just noticed that you no longer have the email address associated with your account, which leaves you pretty much out of luck on the “easy fix”. There’s a lesson in that: make sure you have an alternative known always good address in the account settings as a back up. ON a weekend, without access to the account password or associated owners’ email box, you are pretty much screwed…which as frustrating as it is, is actually how it should be. I don’t want someone “hacking” my account because they were able to wheedle credentials out of DH in such a situation. I think the “contact form” is your only viable option in this case. :frowning: .


I appreciate the replies. I understand what you just explain. In the even of a request if DreamHost contacts me, I can proove my identity with official NY documents and DreamHost responsability has to be to contact me because at the end of 1 year prepaid service they will automatically renew the service and if they leave me out of being able to login to my account how can I renew the service or cancel it without having access? In such a bad situation there has to be a legal way to work around but it is a pain.

Try the contact.cgi form you were pointed to earlier, and/or fax a letter with sufficient credential information to DH and you should be able to get it sorted, but it likely will not happen until at least Monday. :frowning:


You can send them a ticket via http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

Other than that, you can also try rlparker’s suggestion, fax them. Hope DH will solve your problem soon.

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Thanks everybody for your suggestions/replies. I was able to resolve this problem, and now as I was told in this post :), I will always use a 2nd email just in case. I know, it was my mistake too. Thanks again. Dreamhost rules :slight_smile: