URGENT: Hosting a ".pl" site

Hey guys, I’m leaving for a week and a half and I won’t be around to deal with this so I’m looking for a quick, honest answer…

I need to register the domain www.poltec.pl for a client TONIGHT and I need to know if I can host it for them on my DreamHost account.

I know i’d have to register it with a third party but just how easy is it for me to point the registration to my server?

In my experience, how “easy” it is to point the domain to your server at Dreamhost, is entirely a function of how “easy” your registrar makes it for you to set the DNS servers associated with the domain to the Dreamhost nameservers. With most registrars I have seen, it is very simple.

Wherever you register the do,main, just set the namservers to:


and you are good to go!

(some may require you to enter IP addresses for the servers as well, but that is becoming less common than it used to be)

Interesting… i used the domain registrar www.az.pl to register ONLY the domain www.poltec.pl but I cannot seem to find anywhere that I can login and change my settings to point to dreamhost. i thought i was given an account number and password but they don’t seem to be working.

whats also weird is that i received three emails from them with invoices, and only one of them had my name on them.

That doesn’t sound too encouraging…It’s not much good to have a domain registered if you can’t administrate it. I suggest getting on them “right away” about your inability to login and/or make nameserver setting changes.


I’m trying, but all of a sudden their website isn’t responding. i feel like i’ve been screwed.

okay two of those invoices are saying that i’ve purchase webhosting with them now. what the god is going on here??? i’m sure i only ordered the domain, not the hosting too. besides, there’s no friggin way to log in! damn it screw this i’m calling my credit card company and cancelling this crap. this is messed up.

Even less encouraging news…

If it helps, here is a quick dump of the appropriate whois info on your registrar:

Search result

Domain object:

domain: az.pl

registrant’s handle:tdc0298657664545 (CORPORATE)



created: 1998.12.04

last modified: 2005.04.22

registrar: AZ.pl SC Albert Jerka, Andrzej Kostrzewa

option: the domain name has not option

Holder’s Contact object:

company: Az.pl s.c.

street: Kordeckiego 16

city: PL Goleniow

location: PL

handle: tdc0298657664545

phone: +48.914235594

fax: +48.914235594

last modified: 2004.10.21


AZ.pl SC Albert Jerka, Andrzej Kostrzewa

Technical Contact:




Kordeckiego 16


PL Goleniow






+48.914235594 (1234)



last modified:



AZ.pl SC Albert Jerka, Andrzej Kostrzewa

Whois database last updated:


Please read FAQ http://www.dns.pl/english/whois.html

Good Luck!

Are you a native polish speaker, or are you translating the stuff? Might be a “miscommunication”…I sent you the whois contact info for the dudes, if you wanna try calling, in polish…


My domain registration for poltec.pl is “in queue”. is there any way to cancel that?

I don’t know what they mean by “in queue”. If they mean that it is “propagating”, i would suspect that cancelling is not possible. If it is “queued” for processing with the registrar, I would suspect that whether or not it could be cancelled is up to the registrar.

You might keep checking the whois for the domain; if it shows up there, cancelling is not likely to happen and your only choice is likely to be exhorting the registrar to set the nameservers to dreamhost for you…or get screwed and use their hosting (even if only to redirect, if they don’t have the tools you need).

Actually, I’m just speculating now, as I have no first hand experience with the registrar…