Urgent help

My website, www.failtv.net is having problems. It is fine now but all the videos you see are shown through a video.txt file that the script reads off the server. Here is the problem, every few hours the server or something clears out the text file and chomd’s it to something else, causing the videos to not work. So for example, at 10AM I upload my video.txt and then an hour later it is an empty file and the chmod is wrong…I dont know WHY this is happening!!!

I have contacted dreamhost about this and haven’t heard anything yet. I really need a fix, my site is getting tons of traffic but now users aren’t coming back because of this!

My guess is your site is being hacked. Probably through that script. As a precaution you should see if there is an updated version and change all your passwords.
There is a possibility that it is a bug in the script.Take a look at the file open statement and see if it is read only or read/write. I can not image a need for the script to write to the file. But then again I am not familar with that script.

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