Urgent Help Regarding MediaCore - Python


i really wanted to use MEDIACORE for my website… it is open source and very powerful… the only problem is that, it is not PHP… it is based on PYTHON… i cant understand anything because it is extremely difficult… please help me… i’ve my own joomla website, and im familiar regarding how to install it on dreamhost server… but how do i install MEDIACORE in dreamhost server? please any dreamhost expert give us the solution or step by step procedure…

This is MediaCore http://mediacore.com/


FYI - one post is enough… spamming every category in this forum won’t get you help faster. I would imagine everyone that answers in this forum uses the View New Posts link in the top left corner of the page.

Posting the same thing multiples times only creates clutter and confusing answers.


why there is no reply from dreamhost? any answer regarding MEDIACORE?


Its not DH responsibility to help you install scripts. Also this forum is for users to help other users even though some staff like andrewf do post occasionally with useful answers. If you want some sort of response from DH you should submit a support ticket but like I said they don’t help with this sort of thing. I don’t think you would be able to use mediacore if you are on shared hosting that’s for sure. I was looking at the steps and it said something about using an in-built server and that would be a definite no no. I would recommend setting up your own web server environment on your local system. You can use stacks like wamp if you have windows (lamp if you use linux or mamp if you have a mac). Just google it. Best way to learn is doing it in an environment you have complete control over and then you could determine for yourself if whatever resources you have from your web host would be able to manage it. The install documentation on the mediacore website seemed to be pretty decent.


I installed MediaCore on a non-VPS DreamHost site a couple of weeks ago. I knew zero Python before I started. I still don’t know much.

I did encounter many steep learning curves along the way since it was my first time using shell access (Putty on a PC, Terminal on a Mac), and I had my first encounters with Python, virtual environment, etc, etc, etc, in trying to deploy my MediaCore site.

But it IS possible to install MediaCore on a non-VPS DreamHost site.

Setting up the development site was fairly straightforward. My big hurdle was actually deploying the site. My thumbnails were not showing up in the deployed site.

It took multiple tries, but in the end here’s what I ended up doing:

  • Installing Python 2.7 on Dreamhost (using instructions from http://www.kelvinwong.ca/2010/08/02/python-2-7-on-dreamhost/) – I’m not sure this step was necessary (I don’t think so), but I was trying everything to make MediaCore work.

  • Following MediaCore’s documentation (more or less):
    For Step 7 of the Installation, I used the “Apache mod_fcgi Deployment” option. I don’t think I followed the instructions verbatim, but I was able to figure out when I needed to modify something.


I’m sorry to bring up this thread. I’m trying to install MediaCore.

I’ve been following the instructions given in mediacore (already pointed above by some commenters). Then i’m receiving a 404 error and i guess i’m missing some highly-basic points of the FastCGI config.

The 404 says “missing fastcgi param” for 4 different parameters.

I had assumed that selecting the php 5.2 (with FastCGI enabled) and enabling passenger for ruby/python apps was enough. But it turns out that i’m missing some basic steps that may be generic, not related to mediacore but would prevent me from running any other similar app.

Any ideas? I’m sorry i’m not able to provide a lot of info…