Urgent help plzz

my website is mytechparadise.com but i found it mytechparadise.com.dream.website
I am beginner and I no nothing about coding, how can i resolve this issue !!
my domaine is from Goddady and the CMS is wordpress & the host from dream Host

Plz help, I have to launch my small buisness

The *.dreamhost.website addresses are automatically setup by DH for easy testing of websites before DNS is setup. To get your domain running, you’ll need to login to GoDaddy and change the DNS setting to point to your Dreamhost web-server. Details at:

GoDaddy’s instructions: https://www.godaddy.com/help/change-nameservers-for-my-domains-664


@habilis : Thanks for your answer, I appreciate your support, but the Godaddy NS are inchangeable, I cant change it
Find above the discussion between me and the customer service (I am beginner and I know nothing from those technical IT accronyms)

Sure thing. There are two major aspects to hosting and you need a place
to host the site which is the hosting company, and you need the domain
registration which is like the rights to the name.

The DNS records is how a web site is looked up and found by the server.
The A record tells the server where the site is hosted and the NS record
will tell you where the Domain Registration is managed. With that said,
It appears the DNS records are currently pointing to Google for the A
record (host) and NS records (where the Domain Registration is managed)
is being managed by Godaddy it looks like:
(3 links here -I cant add them because I am new member)

To point -mytechparadise . com- to DreamHost, you will need to make the
changes with Godaddy since they are managing the Domain Registration. I
was able to find this help guide from Godaddy that will show you where to
make these changes but you could probably request the change from their
support staff too:

The records you will want to change are the A records since DreamHost
will be the new host. There is 2 A records, one that covers the root
domain (non-www) and one that covers the www. Here is the records you
will want to update to:

www A

If you no longer want to have to log into GoDaddy to manage your DNS
records and would Like DreamHost to Manage all records, simply set the NS
records to DreamHost as well, but this is optional. Here are the
DreamHost NS records:

** NS ns1.dreamhost…com**
** NS ns2.dreamhost…com**
** NS ns3.dreamhost…com**
(I make …com / because I am new member & I cant add 2 links in a post)
Here is a GoDaddy guide I found on changing NS records if you would like
to review:


Lastly, please note that any changes to DNS will take time to propagate
which usually takes between 4-8 hours:


Once the DNS records have propagated the site will be live, Should you
have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to write
back in, we are always here and would be happy to help!


I added the new record A but nothing happen 11
I only understand by steps how to resolve the problem, where I will go 1-2-3-ecetera

  1. Log in to GoDaddy, go to your My Domains page and select your domain.
  2. On the Domain Settings page scroll down to Additional Settings and click Manage DNS
  3. Scroll down to NameServers and click CHANGE
  4. Add the DreamHost NameServers
  1. Click SAVE

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