Urgent help needed to reinstall Wordpress

After facing database problems after the upgrade, I decided to remove and reinstall WP 2.3 through the one-click facility. However, after removing it from the list I have never managed to reinstall it back through one-click.

The error message states that; The problem was directory /home/endoh/mr-endoh.com is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

I went to my webftp, to find the folder with my domain empty except for one folder wp-content. In it, was another advanced-cache.php file which I am unable to remove at all. Is this the auto-installation of cache Dreamhost has done?

My wordpress site is down now, and I need urgent help to fix it up again. Hopefully, I will not lose my posts. I can always installs the widgets and plugins again, so no harm done. I contacted support on two occasions with no reply for the past 2 hours. So I hope someone can assist on what I should do.

I can’t do anything to the webftp at all. Tried move, tried delete… appreciate clear explanation because I am no geek.

First of all, instead of “move”, or “rename” or “delete”, try resetting the permissions on the cache file and directory. All those other commands require write permission, and if you don’t have that set, they will fail, so try using chmod from within webftp to set the permissions to 755, and then try your delete. :wink:

Second, find yourself a real ftp/sftp client that yo like and use that; you will be happier in the long run.


Problem resolved. Thanks!

You are welcome! Did support get back to you and get the issue resolved, or how did you fix the problem?


Support finally got back to me. They cleared the domain of any files that I can’t and indeed it was that file which prevented me from installing from one-click. That is why the one-click facility keep reading that the folder ain’t empty.

I’m trying to source for webftp now, since net2ftp is always dying on me.