Urgent DNS

I have never tried to change the MX record before. Now I have done a dumb thing. I have transfered a client’s DNS to DH but their mail is down. Their mail is hosted through GoDaddy and GD sent me the MX info. However, it doesn’t match the DH fields for the DNS panel area and I don’t want to make things worse. I am obviously not an advanced user and I cannot find detail info to tell me what to do. I wrote support and they simply sent me back to the DNS area. What a help!

Got any suggestions for a dummy like me? — That is, that can be posted.


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Easiest and best way to change it is from the Mail -> MX tab. If there are multiple MX records, you can add one there, and add the second one (with an equal or higher metric) from the DNS panel.

You cannot / should not add additional MX records to a domain while the mail service is active for that domain (i.e., if there are generated MX records showing up in the DNS section of the control panel).