URGENT - bandwidth usage

I sent this in to support but I really need this to be taken care of ASAP.

I have set my site to throttle at 135GB (currently, it has a limit of
159GB). It cut off last night at 158.48 GB. On top of having a
minimal “throttled” page, I have moved the entire omlette.net folder
into a folder called “disabled”, just in case. However my bandwidth
is still rising. Can you do anything to stop this, is there any way
to completely shut off my site until the next billing cycle? Also, I
really don’t want to pay for excess bandwidth use when I took steps
to prevent this and it kicked in before going over my limit. Please
let me know my options in this matter.

Thank you for your great hosting as always.

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First, rename all your top-level folder. Since then, you’ve only ftp (if any) and email bandwidth. One thing I don’t understand: you have your bw report last night, how can you know your bw is rising (next report is tonight)?

Maybe late, but some suggestion to prevent from this situation:

  • throttle at about 80%
  • don’t put too big file into your site

As of last night, I moved the entire domain folder into a new folder called “disabled” and have had it throttled. The current bandwidth reading was at 158gb at that point, and the site was throttled (kicks in at 135).

Today, I decided to redirect the entire domain to the donation page, instead of using a .throttled page which might take up some more bandwidth, no matter how small. I’m hoping that the next bandwidth reading hardly moves, considering email and ftp traffic at this point should be next to nothing.

My primary concern is to be sure that the bandwidth usage won’t rise, and I’ve done everything I know so far to prevent that. A $30 bill is payable. A $500 one is not.

*** DreamHost.com webhosting ***
2400mb space | 120gb transfer | $7.95 per month

You can change the status of your domain hosting to “parked” (which causes it to show a generic Dreamhost parking page) or “redirected” (which lets you redirect it to any URL you want, including one in somebody else’s site); this should reduce your ongoing bandwidth usage to a bare minimum.

– Dan