Urgent! All my websites are DOWN!

All my websites are down suddenly for several hours, I can’t seem to chat or have any faster way to contact support, what is going on there? why are my websites down?? and why in urgent matters like this we have no means of contact support other then sending a message and wait for it to be answered for ever??

hi webmaster, sorry to hear about your issues. I checked now on https://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ and there is nothing announced there. Support tickets are answered quite quickly, within 24h at worst…

Maybe people on the forum can help you: what are the symptoms you’re experiencing (can you ping the machine, is http down or sql is down or what exactly?) have you checked your server’s logs for hints of what may be wrong? can you ftp or ssh into your VPS (are your sites on VPS?) Can you share a sample of the domains that should be ‘up’ and aren’t?

Remember that forums are visited by volunteers and other customers, they can’t really help you unless you share details of what you’re trying to achieve, what you’ve done to get there, and what seems to be wrong. Without details, people can’t figure things out, skim through your message and move on to the next.

My websites are on VPS, they were working up until yesterday, and now I can see them through the FTP.
Something is wrong with the Databases, I can’t seem to see them in my hosting account suddenly, and not even in the recycle bin.

I do remember getting an email about “DreamHost MySQL Server Improvements” that was suppose to happen on 2nd of April for few hours, but with no answer from support, no report on the dreamhoststatus and pretty much no feedback other then your answer, I am standing in the dark while fearing the worst.

I really don’t understand why DH don’t have someway to contact them in urgent situations like this, we are paying customers who are loosing money and worst just because we did not get answers in timely manner.

The maintenance shouldn’t have created issues. I assume you created a ticket already: what’s the ticket number? (starts with 7)

The ticket number is : #7721040
Thanks for your fast replies, really appreciate it

Thank you. I am not in Support and I happen to be awake at the right time for you :slight_smile: All I can do is to nudge my colleagues on the night shift to look at your ticket.

Meanwhile, please check your server’s logs for hints on why the sites are not responding. I have doubts that the issue is with SQL servers, there is something else going on.

I heard back from my colleagues: they’re restoring the databases in your accounts. I don’t know what happened though, sorry.

Thanks a million, I checked the websites and they are working again, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: :slight_smile: