I’m shopping around for a new hosting provider, and I’m considering DreamHost. I read mixed reviews online about DreamHost’s uptime for its shared hosting - uptime is one of my main concerns given the terrible uptime I’m experiencing at my current hosting provider. I contacted customer support to get more information about this concern, but the company is not willing to provide me with specific metrics.

That’s why I decided to reach out to this group. I would appreciate any feedback this group could share with me about your experiences with respect to uptime of your shared hosting accounts. Thank you.

Just as every hosting provider it has of course downtime. I get maybe an average 1-2 days in total per year (a few hours here and there). I do know some others sometimes have more when their servers realy breaks down.

Dreamhost has many very big advantages over all others. Great support, very open policy regarding server/downtime at dreamhoststatus.com and many, many more things. I have had overtime about 10 providers, but now I have been with DH for over 5 years. The best one ever for a very low price.

You will have a 97 day money back garantee, so what do you have to loose. Give them a shot.