who hosted major media projects on DH?
like mp3 and video archives with more than 1000 visitors per day?

is DH reliable for such sites? how about DH’ uptime?

The iron geek hosts videos on DreamHost.


.swf…)))))))))))) nice…

i mean SERIOUS projects… please… who knows…


Maybe you can find something here:



thanks, i ment music videoclips, mp3 archives and so on… when the site is popular, its content is heavy and it’s very interesting how such sites work on dreamhost… anybody else knows something like that??

You said 1,000 visitors per day, didn’t you? That could hardly be called serious. An actual serious site would probably be an order of magnitude greater than that. DH servers would have no trouble handling 1000 visitors per day. My “hobby” site averages around 3,000 visitors, consisting of around 22,000 requests, and that’s just a boring old blog.

Now if you are talking about 1,000 actual downloads per day, then you are talking about something a bit more significant, especially if it is large video files.

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you know, when EVERY of this 1000 visitors download NOT LESS THAN 100 mb from site every day it’s serious for shared hosting. i do not mean blog, i’m tired of repeating - HUGE MEDIA CONTENT. (but not so huge to move on vps)

Iron geek has several downloads of 100+ Mb and a few 100+ MB.

Maybe the sites you seek are found by friend of a friend referral only. I wouldn’t expect them to be advertised here. :slight_smile:

DreamHost doesn’t promote torrents like:


We try not to be too serious here. :slight_smile:


I didn’t get what Bittorrent trackers has to do with hosting video and mp3 files. The site that you link to does not host the actual material, only small torrent files that is a) not copyrighted and b) have a size of just a few kB. However, Bittorrent trackers are not allowed due to TOS, but that’s another question.

you took me wrong. i just wanted to know how reliable the DH is.

In my opinion, in general, DreamHost is reliable for the price. They’ve had some problems, and there is little “good,” objective information available.

You can find some more in the status blog, marketing blog, and search this forum. In general, Happy customers are the Silent Majority; unhappy customers are the Loud Minority.

The iron geek site I’ve referred you to posted info’ on being temporarily disabled for using too much resources, but DreamHost has made some changes/improvements since then, I think.


That’s definitely worth repeating.

According to webhosting.info, Dreamhost is the 15th largest host in the world, hosting almost 390,000 domains… so a Loud Minority in this case can be an Extremely Loud Minority due to their size.

Just something to keep in mind when putting it into perspective.

DH is big enough that 100 unhappy customers could still equal a much higher percentage of happy customers than a smaller host with only 10 unhappy customers would have.

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Forgot to ask…

Any idea if that was before or after DH lifted the CPU restrictions – or was that the change/improvement you were talking about?

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Dreamhost’s slipped to 20th!!! (and I’ve not heard of more than 4-5 of the top 20. I was shocked about wildwesthosting - can you imagine trying to track over 9 million domains hosted?) OK, maybe I need to question these numbers as my old hosting company shows less than 2500 sites at webhosting.info yet claims more than 40,000.

it’s hard to equate domains with domains hosted. There could be some confusion there.

(Sorry for getting off track here).

Hak5.org is a pretty big site with big content - I do not know (I haven’t looked) if their IPTV show is broadcast from DH servers but everything else is hosted here.


Actually, they didn’t slip–that was just a typo on my part, which should have read 15th in the US. 20th would be worldwide. Not bad, with there being thousands of hosts out there.

Really? You probably heard of everyone in at least the top 6, right?

There are a few in there that I’m not familiar with – but some of the ones you don’t recognize, you would probably recognize by other names they’re associated with. Wildwest -> Godaddy, Shlund -> 1&1, etc…

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I’d never heard of wildwest. But then again I don’t get out much. Those numbers are huge though. It looks like they claim hosting for 9 million sites. Can you imagine their support backlog? (grin)

I really do like the DH environment. It just feels like the right place to host. Enough freedom to do what you need to do but reasonably safe and reliable. Certainly stunningly capable for the price.

Enough advertisements. (grin)


Wildwest is the Godaddy reseller plan, so that number could be the total for all of their resellers combined, so there may be several layers of support between those domains and Wildwest themselves. I’d guess the same for companies like Enom, since a ton of registrars out there are just enom resellers.

Another thing that could be different between web hosts, and registrars that offer hosting, would be if a lot of the domains are being registered for email use only. If that’s the case, it would probably help pad the numbers.

Despite their numbers, I never even consider adding a hosting plan to the cart while I’m trying to buy a domain at a domain registrar. Some of the crap plans they throw in are cheap enough to get impulse buys from people that don’t shop around, or just want to keep everything on one simple payment plan, but I just don’t consider most of them as real web hosts.

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That explains a lot.

Looking around their site was an experience in “woah”. Lots of stuff about selling but not a thing about really “hosting”. I couldnt’ see anything that approached data that could be compared to other hosts. Lots of “free” crap, but no discussions of bandwidth/availability/capability.


I think the most amazing thing is the amount of growth that DreamHost has experienced over the last 18 months or so, it has been truly phenomenal. The graph in the article below illustrates this growth (well, at least the start of the growth).



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I was even impressed that they had 1,000 customers in the first year.

It would’ve been 20,000 if they came up with promo codes on day one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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