Uptime Guarantee?

Does DreamHost make an uptime guarantee? I know some other hosts promise 99.9% uptime, and they feature it prominently on their site. I don’t recall seeing any uptime claim by DreamHost on their site.

This has been answered a few times but no DH do not promise this… I found that this “uptime” guarantee is usually just a measurement of the machine uptime which is no measurement at all.

It works the same on DH. The control panel used to display uptime statistics which were at 100% most or all of the time. However, the stats only looked at the machines themselves, not if Internet users could connect to it. Due to network issues and DDOS etc., sometimes we couldn’t connect to our sites even though the stats said 100%. That’s why these stats are useless, and providers who show these stats usually don’t admit to the above.


and depending on how often uptime is measured, 99.9% isn’t much.

Yeah, our official line is basically “we do our best to provide the best uptime we can”.

Web host uptime guarantees in general are pretty much bogus. Who gets to measure the uptime? Is it over a year, a month, a week, a day? What happens if they don’t hit the uptime guarantee?

And honestly, if our service has had some problems and somebody wants to leave because of it, we generally won’t have a problem giving them a refund even if it’s after the original 91 days!