Uptime and Backup Policy


I can’t seem to find any links to DreamHost backup and response time policies. Does DreamHost store backups in different physical locations? How often do backup’s occur?

What is the uptime policy of Dreamhost? Do they have any plan to restore service in the event of a lost of service? Is there any timeframes involved with this?


Depending on the issue - response times will vary wildly. I’ve had between an hour and a day. before getting a response.

As for backup frequency and location… to be honest, no idea. One would hope though that the data was not stored on the same media as what have been a rutt of failing raid cards and duff drives…

Uptime policy you can find in the terms of service, I believe for each hour since you reported the issue you get a free day worth of hosting up to a certain amount. (I’ve seen the specifics before but do not recall where unfortunately).

Plans incase of service outage? - You need to have a read of some of the other posts around this forum…
If there are any plans, they aren’t very efficient =3