Uptime > 200

Have been getting an apache server error 500 repeatedly over the last few days… tonight I logged in via SSH and when issuing uptime get the following:

06:16:14 up 1 day, 12:30, 7 users, load average: 299.75, 263.58, 237.01
06:18:05 up 1 day, 12:32, 7 users, load average: 280.18, 270.10, 242.50
06:27:15 up 1 day, 12:41, 7 users, load average: 149.65, 140.77, 188.61

As you can see it seems genovese is “struggling” a little.

I’ve got caching on my WordPress site to help reduce load, but with that sort of load, I’m not sure it is my site to blame.

Any ideas why genovese is struggling like treacle in winter?

Ouch :open_mouth:

If you think it’s a user causing the problem, who can sometimes help Sherlock the problem down if you’re keeping an eye on loads. Support sometimes have to catch a script gone haywire while it’s actively running to be certain of the cause.

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Looks like our crack Stability commandos have already been on the scene:

genovese:~# uptime 12:10:06 up 1 day, 18:24, 8 users, load average: 8.68, 9.97, 9.69 Ahh, much better!

That’s horrible load. I’ve no idea a server under this condition can be barely responsive. The highest load average I have seen on my server is about 15.

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You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’ve seen loads of over 5000 on machines with bad NFS mounts:

01:20:52 up 2 days, 5:52, 7 users, load average: 5499.73, 5478.15, 5247.25The kicker? The machine was still totally responsive, and we were able to bring it back down to normal without a reboot.