Hello everyone! I’m new to DH and need a little advice/suggestion.

I work with bands helping them get air play. To do that they need to upload a couple of songs, bio info, etc. All they need to do is upload the files. No downloads, no renames, no file manipulation. Just upload it and I do the rest. So, there’s no reason to make them FTP users, and Anonymous FTP is questionable. I’m not sure many of them could use it unless it has a very simple UI.

On my old MacHTTP server I had a script that worked great for this type of thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate another like it. Any ideas or suggestions?

Oh yeah, before anyone suggests it, I don’t have the knowledge to write the script/program myself. And yes, I’ve googled for scripts, etc. So far no luck.


Here are some scripts that might help you:

Thanks, WhiteOut! Looks like what I need, and at the right price. Cheap.

No problem. I just looked on google for about 5 seconds lol. I think there are some free ones if you scroll down more.

Don’t forget that you will be limited to 7Mb when doing uploads with PHP.

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…unless you create a custom PHP.ini:



So I have discovered. 7 MB is not large enough.

I don’t want to mess with PHP. Anyone have a suggestion for another upload method?

What about Uber-Uploader?

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sdayman - have you done this? Has it caused any other problems? Is it worth considering?

It was a snap and it works great! Just follow the bare bones instructions. No need for the extended config changes.


Thank you! I’m going to try it. If I screw it up very likely I’m calling you LOL

It was easy alright. No more file size errors! BUT now I get “server not responding” errors. My guys STILL can’t upload. WTF?? I am assuming it’s traffic. Right? Shared service and all. Yes? I’m getting frustrated LOL bands are complaining…

It’s probably not traffic, unless your band is Coldplay. What’s the URL?

Is anything working? If you rename .htaccess to .htaccess.sav (temporarily disable it), now does anything work?


Aha! When I increased the max file size, I forgot to increase the max execution time. Once I changed that the problem stopped. Uploads are not as slow either. Still slow, but not as bad.

Thanks for the help!

So you ended up using the Uber-Uploader?

I’m looking at Uber. So far it looks like more setup work than I want to do. Yes, I’m lazy. I’ve been using Easy Uploader, but it hasn’t worked out very well for my needs.