Could someone please have a look at my site and advise?

The url is www.clivetemplephotography.com

Now, the problem is this. I uploaded updated pages with Yummy to the above url. However the url automatically redirects to http://www.clivetemplephotography.com/CTP/Home.html which has not been updated.

I can’t actually remember if or how I changed anything before when I had problems uploading with fetch but I recognise the CTP file as the file I published to on my mac with iWeb.

Yesterday I published the whole revised site to a folder on my mac but dragged only the files within that folder to the upload drawer and all seemed fine, I published to the correct server and www.clivetemplephotography.com but now I’m redirected to the old unchanged site.

If anyone can help (and I am a newbie) I’d be really grateful… ask away if I haven’t made myself clear enough.


iWeb uses index.html of your main site to redirect to subdirectories. In your case, the index.html on your site is a one-liner with an instant refresh that “reloads” CTP/Home.html

Replace that index.html with something else.


Thanks scott, do you mean replace the whole html file? Replace it with what?


Whatever you want for your main site needs to have its own index.html (or index.php; index.shtml) file. I’m sure there’s something you want to show when people visit your site’s main page.

If all of your work is in iWeb, then it creates a new index.html which you also need to upload into your site’s root directory.