Uploading ZIP files into webFTP


I’m a total newbie, and very desperate for help with this please -

I’m using a great wordpress theme to display photography. there’s a slideshow as part of the theme. but in order for the slideshow to work, i have to download Imagerotator.swf onto my webFTP.

supposedly, the instructions are here: http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/jw-player-setup-wizard?example=203

However, I don’t understand a thing from these instructions.

So far,with the help of a dreamhost rep, i was able to upload the zip file for imagerotator.swf onto my FTP. (But, even though it has already downloaded the 8 files that were in the zip, it still says that it is downloading…).
and that is where I am right now.

Could someone please have mercy and tell me, step by step, what I’m supposed to do next? …
thank you so much in advance!!
Yana [hr]
here is more info, which… if someone could please translate for me I’d be extremely grateful and happy :))


Thank you

Hi there

I am having similar problems with displaying my own images on the imagerotator. I wonder did you resolve your problems and if so - could you advise me how you solved same. My problems are that I don’t know how to amend the imagerotator code to access my images.