Uploading wordpress template to filezilla

Ok please help. I am new to this and trying my best to follow directions but I’m having some difficulty.

I have filezilla open and sftp connected.

My template instructions are:
“First you are going to upload the theme folder. Inside the ZIP folder you downloaded you will see a folder named “theme.” Within it is a folder named “SimplePress.” Via ftp, upload the “SimplePress” folder to your Wordpress themes directory. Depending on where you installed Wordpress on your server, the wp themes folder will be located in a path similar to: /public_html/blog/wp-content/themes.”

I found the folder that I am supposed to upload, (on the left screen in filezilla), but i dont know where I am supposed to upload to (what to drag it into in the right window). it says the wp themes folder will be located in a path similar to /public_html/blog… etc but all i see is folders that say bin, boot, cgroups, dev, etc, images - can anyone help me find my wp themes folder.

I really appreciate any help!

Sounds like you’ve connected to your / directory. Think of it as a Linux equivalent to your C Drive if you happen to use Windows. Typically, the folder you’re looking for is in /home/YOURUSER/YOURDOMAIN.COM/wp-content/themes

Keep in mind /home is the “home” folder located under your “root” directory (/), and that YOURUSER should be replaced with the user that owns your domain.

You can set FileZilla to connect to your domain directory by default by making an FTP connection and setting the “Remote Directory” to /home/YOURUSER/YOURDOMAIN/

That will keep what is shown to you when you connect fairly relevant and less confusing.