Uploading with Mac OSX 10.5.2


Ever since upgrading to 10.5.2, my upload speeds to Dreamhost have been incredible slow. Well, more like this:

When I start an upload (using Fetch), the speed at first jumps rapidly from between 100k/s to 125k/s, and then after a few minutes, slowly begins a steady decline, finally resting between 20k/s and 30k/s.

I attempted to upload a file on my laptop, which still runs 10.4.10 (or 10.4.11, I don’t remember where 10.4 stopped), and was able to maintain a consistant upload speed of 90k/s (despite the fact that I should be getting 100k/s, but that’s Qwest’s problem).

So, any thoughts? My main computer is a 20" Aluminum iMac. I’ve run both wireless and wired connections for uploading.