Uploading with Filezilla troubles

Hey Guyz, sorry for a lot of silly questions coming up:

This is my first webpage. I have downloaded XAMPP, set up my wordpresspage on my localhost, bought a domainename and now, finally want my stuff to be seen online.

Unfortunately I dont know how to continue and webtutorials so far couldnt really help me. I know the next step would be to upload my files but how do i do that?

Filezilla is in the Xampp package but somehow i cant get it running.

  1. if i click START in the controll panel it says: ERROR Filezilla FTP must be run as a service
  2. if i click SERVICE in the top of the control panel and tick run xampp as a sercive i dont know how to continue. And to be honest i dont know if i am working on the right spot there either.
  3. I dont know if I have Filezilla installed correctly, and if its the client or the server…???

So basically my question is: how do I get my data onto dreamhost?

Hey nobody seems to want to answer this… thats unfortunate, maybe some of you guys could give me a hint why there is no answer.

  • is the question stupid?
  • is it so weird that nobody knows?

please just give me a hint, would really apreaciate it!!

you posted a question just over 8 hours ago, and the time period (at least in the USA) is overnight on Friday night into Saturday morning. To be completely honest that is a pretty slow time here.

I don’t use filezilla so I have no idea which direction to send you, someone will come along with some advice, but FWIW nights and weekends are probably the slowest time in this forum.[hr]
you could also check the XAMPP or filezilla forums which may be busier.

why do not you download filezilla saperately and upload files directly to FTP