Uploading website

Is it just me or is this really complicated? Uploading a website should be easy but not for me. I am totally new at this and not that computer efficient so I really do need help. I am trying to activate my new website but apparently cannot do so until it has been uploaded into dreamhost which I cannot do as I don’t know how. I go into net2ftp, login without a problem then what. I have tried clicking on my website domain name but it then shows me 3 files, 2 of which contain nothing and one name quickstart.html. What do I do next? thanks for any help! Isabelle

Essentially, you upload, from your computer onto the web server computer, the files that will comprise your website and you use FTP to do this. Here are some beginners’ guides:


Alternately, if you don’t already have your website files created, consider having our one-click installer build you a basic Website:


WordPress is a great first choice, as it create beautiful blogs and other websites (using the Pages) functionality, and is really easy to use.