Uploading Webpage to my site?

Ok - I made my website using the NVU software. Now I need to know how to upload my pages to my website so it will show up. Can anyone help? Thanks alot!

I’ve never heard of NVU software, but I assume there is an automatic HTML (or other extension) save function… Otherwise, check in the File menu to see if there is an “Export site…” or “Export File…”.

Try to find something of the sort to save the file(s). Then, just upload them via ftp.yourdomain.com

As Logical Program said, there should be an option to export your pages as .html, or they are already being saved as .html (they could be .htm too, but I doubt it). Now, you just need to upload your files via FTP. These KB articles should help.


OK… My pages are saved on NVU ( thanks Mmacmanx). Do I need to export them to one of those two FTP’s? ( cuteftp or the other one). The I can use that program to upload to my site by going to ftp.thenameofmydomain.com ? Thanks for all of the help!!

Actually, use your chosen FTP app to connect to your site. From there, go to the folder that says “mydomain.com” (where mydomain.com = your domain’s main URL) and drag-n-drop the .html file. There is no need to export anything to FTP, nor is there a way to export to FTP. Just save and upload (drag/drop).


Nvu has an FTP program built right into it. Select File > “Publish” fill out the server location (your domain) and user and password info and you can do it all right in the program.

Nvu just writes simple HTML pages, no “exporting” necessary. If you want to use a different FTP program (cuteFTP, Fetch), just upload the HTML (.html or .htm) files and images (.gif or .jpg) from your desktop to your domain/web directory.

Nvu is a nice little opensource web authoring program. Free.

Ok I am still lost. I do not know how to fill in all of the forms. My site is www.t76-ham.com I have tried using WSFTP and by trying the “publish” option. Neither seems to have worked and keep giving me problems. Such as, I do not know what my publishing address is? It says that it should be a ftp:// type file? I am very sorry for all the rookie questions and problems. I am at a total loss…

UPDATE: I finally got it to connect to the server using the WSFTP program. Now I do not know how to upload my index.html and the other pages that I created. Thanks for all the help. Slowly but surely it is getting closer.

Hi. Your ftp address, for the Nvu Publish FTP would look like this:


(the domain name is repeated because of the way Dreamhost organizes virtual domains).

Your username and password were chosen by you in the Web Panel (or when you first set up your account).

I don’t use WSFTP, but most stand alone FTP programs just need to see your server address: www.t76-ham.com
and username and password.

Once you are connected, you can upload either by selecting “upload to server” – or some text like that – and browsing for your files, or dragging and dropping your .html files directly from your desktop to the open FTP window (Dreamhost’s server, where your published pages go).

Hope this helps.

Ok I just need to figure out how to upload on the WSFTP program. I finally got it to connect to my site so now if I can find the upload button then I should be good to go. I will report back if I have any more problems! Thanks for all of the help!